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Welcome to the home of brass instrument curiosities!


On this website you'll find everything there is to know about historical brass instruments like the Jazzophone, the Normaphone and many more.

A quick summary: next to articles about the sax shaped Jazzophone and Normaphone, you'll find information about octagonal trumpets like the Arigra and the Exakta, and about the unusual Top action rotary valve trumpets. Special attention is given to the tarv trumpet Johann Sattler designed. There's a page with a collection of other instruments and trumpets that are sax shaped or double belled. Another page features Ernst Modl brass instruments, maker of the famous Emo trumpets and his war time efforts as Emo Leichtmetallbau, Ernst Modl & Co. You can also find information about Julius Keilwerth brass instruments, overviews of Julius Keilwerth brass serial numbers.

And then, there's some information about King tuba's. And a page about the Zobo and Songophone brass instrument imitations, and about the Couesnon Saxie saxophone imitation.

Of course you can always use the search bar in the top right corner of the website, or use the Random Page button to see where it takes you.

For more about me and how this website has come to exist and developed over the past decade, visit the About page.

If you have any more information about the Jazzophone, the Normaphone or instruments mentioned on this site, or have comments, corrections, suggestions or picture submissions, if you feel any content is in violation of copyright, or for information regarding this site's content, please contact me on!