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My name is Gerard Westerhof and this is Brasspedia.

A picture from Scheveningen

Brasspedia is the result of over a decade of research into the world of obscure and almost forgotten trumpets and other brass instruments. I have done a lot of the research by myself, but along the way people from all over the world have helped me by sending me their pictures and ideas. Not in the least was I helped by Rutger, Arthur, Anoek, Maria and Martijn who did a great job by transferring the pages from the old marge.home.xs4all.nl domain to these wiki-style pages. A big shout out to them. I'm still working on the details....

To me, Brasspedia is never finished. I hope you enjoy the content on this website, and if you have any more information about the Jazzophone, the Normaphone or other trumpets that are mentioned here or have comments, corrections, suggestions or picture submissions, if you feel any content is in violation of copyright, or for information regarding this site's content, please contact me at info@brasspedia.com!

Kind regards,